General rules:

  • Each participant will be allotted a BITSIAN partner after registration and they will be given the whole night to interact with each other.

Event rules:

  • Round 1:
    • Screen test (pen paper)
      A general questionnaire will be given where you have to fill out answers for yourself and your partner. This round is to check how well you interacted with each other. Based on the number of matching answers, teams will move forward to the next round.
  • Round 2:
    • Task round:
      The teams will be put through a series of tasks which will test their teamwork, creativity and ability to think on their feet. The teams will be judged based on the speed of completion of tasks. Top 5 leams advance to Finals


    • Audi Round:
      The 5 teams contending for the title will be tested on the basis of three criteria with focus given to how well the team is able to perform in front of a crowd.