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To the Ripple Project

If the problems of humanity are the demons we need to encounter, then, the spear of education must be the weapon of our choice.


The initiative includes a volunteership program and a book collection drive.


These books can be used for education less fortunate students who are in an honest need of material to read and learn from.


The use of school books gets reduced to a minimum after a student moves on to college. We have volunteers dedicated to the cause of children's education.


The collection drive is boosted manifold by the involvement of Goonj, and Teach For India.


“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

India has made strides in primary school enrolment but despite an initially high rate of enrolment, drop-out rates are very high. India continues to have 2.27 million children out of school. A number of reasons have been attributed for this situation, but the most popularly accepted reason is the quality of education in schools. 17% of teachers are absent from classrooms every day. India is currently facing one of the worst educational crises in the world.

What We Do

The Ripple Project,launched as the social wing of Waves is dedicated to the cause of children's education,starting it's maiden year. In collaboration with Teach for India,we've launched a volunteership program wherein anyone interested in contributing towards children's education can do so through Teach for India classrooms and a variety of related projects.

In addition to this,together with Teach for India,Nirmaan and Goonj,we plan to give as much as we can to less fortunate students through nation-wide collection drives in the months of August and September this year.Join us and be the change!

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