General rules:

  • Eliminations would be conducted online.
  • Semi-final round 1 and round 2 and finals will be conducted one after the other during the fest.
  • The teams selected in the eliminations will be required to prepare a 7- 10 minutes group dance sequence on the song given to them.

Event rules:


  • Teams would be required to submit a video of their performance. The link to submit the video will be put up in the website.
  • Use of props is not allowed.
  • 8 teams will be selected for the semi-finals.


  1. Round 1:
    • Two teams will be called on stage simultaneously lottery based by picking chits. The first group will perform to a song played on the spot in subsets of 1,2 or 3 while the other team will stay still.
    • After the signal of the judges, the first team stops and the second team will perform to the same song sequence.
    • In this way, the teams will dance in an alternating manner while the songs will be changed several times.
  2. Round 2:
    • The winners of the previous round will have a face off in this round.
    • Rules and guidelines will be same as that of round 1.


  • The final 2 teams will have a face off in this round.
  • To spice up things a little, one more element of group dance by each team is added to this round after the initial impromptu face off.
  • This group dance will be their prepared sequence to the song given to them previously. This will be the last segment of the final round.

Judging criteria:

  • Choreography
  • Coordination/synchronization
  • Entertainment Factor
  • Spontaneity
  • Creativity