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Nukkad Natak

Nukkad Natak or street play depicts society in an unflattering light and brings forth important themes. The strength of the plays is derived from the vocal abilities and the charisma of the actors themselves. Set the streets of BITS Goa alive with your enthusiasm.

Team Event


Actions speak louder than words. An art form to express yourself without the use of words. Act out your story through solely body movements. And watch bespectacled as the hearts of the performers and the audience connected in the enchanting silence.

Team Event


Rangmanch or stage play combines the passion of the directors and actors with an elegant script of the playwright to make for a delightful experience. Hypnotise the audience with breath-taking performances, a myriad of emotions and powerful dialogue delivery.

Team Event


Just Duet

Take on the world with your partner. In this duet dance event, groove together to the beat. Let the passion and creativity create the perfect mood, and let your feet do the talking.

Team Event


Sizzle provides a stage to individuals who perform dance forms of different genres. It brings out the complete performer in you. Showcase your street skills in the ultimate dance off event. Dance first. Think later. That’s the natural order.

Individual Event

Big 4


Searock is BITS Goa’s annual semi-professional band competition where music groups battle it out for the top spot. Essential to the music ecosystem of Waves, Searock contributes to the overall charged up atmosphere of the fest.

Team Event


FashP has provided a platform to students to show their taste and style in fashion. Fire up the ramp with your panache and confidence in this battle of beauty and style.

Team Event


Natyanjali, the highlight of the dance arena, is not like any other dance competition. With colleges from all across the country bringing their own moves and dance styles, Natyanjali is the feverous hunt for the best dance troupe there is.

Team Event

Mr. & Ms. Waves

Mr. and Ms. Waves is a personality based contest laced with grueling interviews, impromptu performances, impulsive repartees and a cut-throat talent round. Do you have what it takes to be the most dynamic duo at Waves? This is your stage if you have what it takes to stand out of the crowd.

Individual Event


Bullion Beatdown

‘Teach a parrot the terms ‘supply and demand’ and you’ve got an economist.’ – Thomas Carlyle. We are sure you can do better than that. Show off your skills at negotiation at this game of demand and supply.

Team Event

Wolf of Wallstreet

Numbers. Stocks. This event tests your knowledge and skill about stock markets. Apply in real life what you read in your Economics textbook. Get into the Stock Market Game.

Individual Event


Case studies. Graphs and pie-charts. Figure and statistics. You know the drill. In this consulting event, the team is required to do an analysis of a case study. Scrutinize every detail, analyse every angle.

Team Event

Fine Arts

Blind Art

Skills of explaining and visualizing come into action! One person shall be handcuffed while the other will be blinded. How good a visual artist are you?

Team Event


Live Art. Sketch a live model provided to you. Let your art be homage to your subject. You are the artist. Breathe life into the creation with your imagination.

Individual Event


Can you make a blank canvas come alive? Portray the streets of BITS Goa in a panoramic view. The participants have to paint visual scenery. Let your painting blur the lines between real and illusion. Let your art be homage to your subject.

Individual Event


Up for an artistic challenge? Artathon is an art marathon to test your skills by different ways in three rounds. Let your art explain where words fail to.

Team Event



Prose and poetry give the bliss of getting lost in someone else’s imaginations. They give a glimpse into writer’s mind. And no insanely creative person’s head can be rightly wired. Pen down your story or poem and let us into your world.

Individual Event

Word Games

Does no one laugh at your ingenious puns? Not to worry. We are here for you. Play games with literary clues, jumbled words, puns and much more. Display your literary skills with punache. (Good one, eh? No? Okay.)

Team Event

Cultural Gauntlet

Is it impossible to stop you once you start speaking? You would know. Your friends have complained. Then this event is just for you. Put your linguistic and creative skills to a test in this entertaining and fun filled event which gives popular games like Shipwreck and JAM a whole new literary twist.

Individual Event


Silence of The Amps

The acoustic versions of songs will be brought out in Silence of the Amps. People say you can’t buy happiness. But you can buy a guitar and that is sort of the same thing. Go unplugged for the rendition of the soulful acoustic versions of your favourite songs.

Team Event


Music has manifested itself as the universal language of creed. Waves is all set to see Nostalgia waft through the November air, delicately embellished by a medley of enchanting tunes. Solonate invites artists to display their skills in playing any instrument.

Individual Event


The Waves classical music event, Alaap, is all ethnic, and set to rediscover our traditional roots with Hindustani and Carnatic music. Music helps link people from diverse cultures, when words fall short of expression. Come, mesmerize the audience with your melody.

Individual Event

The Jukebox

The only thing better than singing is more singing. Jukebox is the solo singing event. Sing your heart out and make the audience dance to your tunes.

Individual Event

Indian Rock

Indian Rock will involve participants showing their talents in Rock music in any Indian language. Turn up the volume and ignore the world. Be the rockstar.

Team Event

Film and Photography


Are you a shutterbug? Can your photograph tell an unsaid tale? If yes, then this event is tailor made for you. This Waves, capture a million emotions in this theme based photography event. Our campus, your camera. Let us know what you think.

Team Event


A short film making event based on the theme of Waves 2016. Put our real world into your reel world. Lights, Camera, Action!

Team Event


The Lonewolf

The Lonewolf quiz is the solo quizzing event for each participant to be pitched against another in a head to head contest of the minds.

Individual Event

The Vices Quiz

The Vices quiz is for those blurred lines between what is right and what is wrong.

Team Event

Tides of Time Quiz

Get nostalgic with a quiz on childhood memories. What better than a quiz on everything who have loved as a kid? Time to relive those memories.

Team Event

Waves Open Quiz

The Waves Open quiz opens up a plethora of questions on all that is out there. It caters to the budding enthusiasts and their quest for knowledge.

Team Event

Wipro Earthian Sustainability Quiz

Governments, organizations and leaders across the world are thinking about one thing more than anything else: Sustainability. Time to don your quizzing hats and put your curious selves to the test as the Wipro Earthian Sustainability Quiz is here. Register at

Team Event


Show Me The Funny

This is the stand-up comedy event started just last year. We know your buddies don’t appreciate your absolutely brilliant original jokes, but we just might. Give it a try!

Individual Event


Contention is the Annual British Parliamentary Debate competition of BITS-Goa. In spite of having started just three years ago, Contention has rapidly grown in size and reputation. Come, let your voice be heard as you compete against the best debaters of the country.

Team Event

Strangely Familiar

This event aims to promote social interaction between BITSians and the participants coming in for Waves. Get to know your partner and become the most dynamic duo of Waves 2016.

Individual Event

Lex Omnia–Moot Court

Lex Omnia, Waves’s own moot court, where the participants were invited to test their logic and legal aptitude. The event is filled with a lot of heated arguments and logical deductions, and is a treat for all the courtroom enthusiasts.

Team Event


Are you the one who always prefers riding shotgun so that your friends can have the privilege of listening to great music thanks to your skills as a DJ? This is your platform to get into a real war of the DJs. Time to show who the best is.

Individual Event

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