There’s nothing like a soulful acoustic song. We bring you the Acoustic counterpart of Indian Rock. This is an acoustic band event. The participating bands have to play original or acoustic renditions of songs of any genre.

Team composition: 3-6 members
Teams per college: No limit
Registration: On the spot
Time limit: 12 min (subject to change)

General Rules

- There will be a single round
- A minimum of two songs should be performed
- The participants have to perform acoustic renditions of songs of any genre or original compositions
- A minimum of one vocalist is mandatory
- There should be a minimum of three performing members on stage at any point of time
- Acapella performances are allowed
- The time limit is 12 minutes. Extra time will lead to a deduction in points
- Only Acoustc instruments may be used
- Availability of an electric bass, a keyboard and a Congo is assured (if needed)
- Under unforeseen circumstances, the event manager’s decision will be final

Judging Criteria:
- Rhythm
- Arrangement
- Quality of cover
- Creativity
- Quality of vocals
- Entertainment value


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Aravind Venugopal
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