Team composition: 1 member
Teams per college: 2
Registration: Online/ On the spot
Time limit: 6 minutes (Round 1)

Round 1:
- There will be two categories: Non-percussion instruments and Percussion instruments.
- Participants are allowed to use ONLY ONE instrument to play anything of their choice.
- The time limit for this round is 6 minutes, including setup time.
- 5% of the total score will be deducted for each minute above the time limit
- Availability of the following instruments is assured (if required):
o A Keyboard (in Piano tune)
o Acoustic Guitar
o Tabla
o Congo
o Drum Set
- The first part will be a solo performance and then the winner of each category will be decided by a face-off.
- 50% marks of the solo performance will be carried over to the face-off round.

Face-off Round(percussion and melody instruments):
- First, the highest scores for each individual instrument will be declared in both the categories.
- As a final face off, for the percussions category, each selected participant will be given a melody track to play on, and vice versa.
- The melody track or the percussion track will be same for every participant in the respective categories.
- In this way, the judges will come down to one winner in each category.
- If there is only one participant for an instrument, a normalization process will be followed to decide if that instrumentalist qualifies for the faceoff.

Judging Criteria:
- Rhythm
- Entertainment Value
- Melody
- Clarity of Tone
- Mastery of Piece
- Dynamics
- Expression

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