Team composition: 6 – 8 members + 2 (backstage)
Teams per college: Unlimited
Registration: Online/On the spot
Time limit:
8-10 minutes excluding the time to get ready

- Skime is not conventional mime. No other rules of conventional mime need to be followed.
- No recognisable human voices and dialogues can be used by the participants.
- Sounds like animal voices, human voices and nature sounds are allowed in the background track.
- Use of a synthesizer or any other musical instrument is allowed.
- Any sort of vulgarity will lead to disqualification.
- Use of costumes of different kind, apart from the general costume of the participants, shall also be considered as props.
- Each different kind of costume shall be considered as a prop.
- A costume of the same kind but of different colour will not be considered as an additional prop.
Event Rules
- A maximum of 8 members are allowed to perform in the event.
- 2 other members need to be off stage to manage sound and PowerPoint if required in the act.
- The duration of the performance should not exceed 10 minutes.
- 5% of the total score will be deducted for each minute above the time limit.
- The teams may use movie songs/tunes and slideshows to support their plot.
- All the various background tracks and slides need to be made available in a pen drive before the event begins
Judging Criteria
- Poise
- Facial Expression
- Entertainment Value
- Content
- Characterization

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