Team composition: 2 members
Teams per college: Unlimited
Registration: Online / On the Spot

Each participant will be allotted BITSIANS during registration and will be given the whole night to interact with each other.
Event Rules
Round 1:
Screen test (pen paper)
General questions will be asked and you'll have to fill your answer and your partners answer. This round will check how well you know your partner. Based on most matched answers, Points will be allotted for each team.

Round 2:
Task round:
Various team tasks will be given to check coordination and team work of the pair. The teams will be judged based on their speed of completion of tasks.

Top 5 teams go to finals

Final round
Different rounds will be held with pair vs pair focusing on how well the team works in front of a crowd. Eliminations take place until 3 teams are left who compete for the title. Each team is scored according to their performance.

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