Searock is an all-India semi-pro band competition hosted as part of the BITS Goa's three-day long cultural festival, "Waves". With performances ready to set fire and make the crowd go wild, the Goan atmosphere is just right to set the adrenaline rushing! In its thirteenth edition, Searock aims to progress further into the underground realm of music in the country with eliminations in nine cities which include Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Goa, Chennai , Hyderabad and Kochi. The best of bands to feature in these eliminations will battle it out in the overnight semifinal event to be held in Goa during Waves 2017 for a spot in the final. The finalists will perform the next day at the English Nite of Waves 2017 and their performances will be judged by the yet to revealed headlining Act. The best act of the night will take home the coveted title of "Winners of Searock 2017". With the likes of Zygnema and Family Cheese being amongst the illustrious alumni, Searock has become one of the largest band competitions in India. If you have what it takes to be a true rocker, then this is your place! Let your music breathe life!!

-Bands selected for the City Eliminations agree to publicise the event through their online reach using the template sent to them by Searock.
-The decision made by Searock will be final and binding.
-Searock will not be responsible for any loss of property in any of the eliminations or the finals. The owner must take care of his/her belongings.
-Searock requires the participants to comply with the registration fee requirements (if any, depends from city to city).
-Searock will not provide any sort of travel or accommodation reimbursements or sponsorship. Bands are expected to manage their own expenses.
-Searock prize money is displayed as a total of winners' prize money and not only for the participant that comes first. The prize will be split amongst the winners in a ratio deemed fit by the organizers. In case of Sponsorship back out Searock organizing committee holds the right to decrease prize money by a certain percentage as deemed required.
-Searock will set strict rules regarding the time limits of performing for each band. Failure to comply with the timing rules being provided will result in the sound being cut from the console.
-The winning bands will get to play at the stage where the English act and the coheadlining act will perform, prior to their performance, in the finals.
-All rules briefed before getting on to the Main Stage in Goa should be followed strictly.
-The Searock organizers reserve the right to cancel the registration of any band if it is deemed fit. This may include misbehaviour with the organizing committee, judges or defamation of the sponsors, partners and associates during any Searock event. Searock may blacklist such bands from participating in -Searock in any future editions as well.
-No one except the band members will be allowed free entry to the fest in Goa. Band managers won’t be counted as a band member and will have to pay the entry fee as mentioned at the gate by Department of Registration and Hospitality, BITS Pilani, Goa Campus.
-Any change in the rules and regulations, along with the drafting of these rules, will be done by the Searock organizers and based on their discretion. -Notice to which will be provided well in advance.
In no circumstance can the members of Searock Organizing committee, Council for Students Affairs BITS Pilani Goa Campus, Waves Organizing committee, or any partner/sponsor be sued over any Searock specific conflict. Decision of Searock Organizing committee shall be final and binding.
-Any band selected for city eliminations must inform Searock team if it is unable to participate in not less than two days prior to the event. If it fails to do so, the band will be disqualified from registering in any future Searock editions.
-No band will be given any relaxation to any of the aforementioned rules. -

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