Team composition: 2– 8 members + 4 (backstage)
Teams per college: Unlimited
Registration: Online/On the spot
Time limit:
Eliminations: 10– 12 minutes
Finals: 40-60 minute

Registration Details

- Teams should email a copy of their script (full play not teaser) to events@bits-waves.org, with the subject “Script for Rangmanch at Waves – 2017” post registration.
- The email should mention the approximate duration of the performance, as well as a list of props used.
- Teams will not be considered for the event if the script is not submitted.
- The deadline for script submission is 6th October, 2017

General Rules

- The team must perform a stage play of one or more acts.
- The play must be in English/Hindi only.
- Only table and chairs will be provided by the organisers.
- Teams should minimize the use of props.
- Sound can be provided only through sound clips, which should be made available on a pen drive well before the event. No arrangements will be made for live music.
- A total of up to four members allowed to work backstage per team, with a maximum of one participant working with each of sound and lights. The remaining members may work on stage setup and help with other incidental needs on stage.
- The number of participants entering the final round will be decided on the basis of the number of entries, on fest.

Event Rules

- The final play must be performed.
- The duration of the performance should not exceed 60 minutes, including the stage setup and clearance time.
- 2 minutes shall be allotted to each team for technical check.
- 5% of the total score will be deducted for each minute above the time limit.

Judging Criteria

- Script - 15
- Production - 15
- Acting - 35
- Direction – 35


Srivats Mohan
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Aravind Venugopal
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