- Team composition: 8-20 member
- Teams per college: Unlimited
- Registration: Online/On the spot
- Time limit: 20 minutes

General Rules
- The play should deliver a social message.
- No pre-recorded voices or music is allowed.
- The play must only be in English/Hindi.
- Teams should minimise their use of props.
- The organisers are not liable for procuring any props for the participants. The teams are expected to carry their own props.
Event Rules
Elimination Round:
- Team should perform the entire playing the elimination round.
- 5% of the total score will be deducted for each minute above the time limit.
- The duration of the performance should not exceed 20 minutes.
- Use of profanity or vulgarity will result to deduction of points.

Final Round:
- This round will be conducted in the streets.
- The remaining rules are same as that of the elimination round.

Judging Criteria:
- Content and topic - 20
- Direction and coherence - 35
- Performance - 45

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