Team Composition: 1 member
Teams per College: 1-10
Registration: Online/On the spot
Time limit:
Eliminations: 5 minutes
Finals: 10 minutes

- There will be two rounds. A maximum of 10 people (maximum of 5 from the Western category and 5 from the Indian category) will be selected from the elimination round to the final round.
- Western and Indian participants will be judged separately and the winners will be announced for both the categories separately.
- Out of the 10 (maximum possible) participants from each college, a maximum of 5 can participate in Western and Indian categories respectively.
- The song can be in English (Western) OR in any Indian language (Indian). In case the song is not in Hindi, the participants must e-mail one copy of the lyrics, translated to Hindi/English, at events@bits- waves.org.
- 5% of the total score will be deducted for each minute above the time limit.
- A participant can take part in either Western or Indian category. - Participants are allowed to use either of the following to accompany their song:
- Instruments: Only one accompanying instrument is allowed. The instrument can be played by the singer themselves, or by someone else.
- Backing track: In case the participant wishes to use a backing track, they should provide the organisers with the same in a pen-drive.
- Availability of the following instruments (if required) is assured:
1. A Keyboard (in Piano tune)
2. An Acoustic Guitar
Event Rules
Elimination Round:
- The time limit for this round is 5 minutes.
- Participants will have to perform only one song.
- No marks from the elimination round will be carried forward to the finals.

Final Round:
- The time limit for this round is 10 minutes, including setup time.
- Participants have to perform two songs, depending upon their category.
- Songs sung in the finals should be different from those sung in the eliminations.

Judging criteria:
Choice of Songs
Overall Performance

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