Do you have it in you to win the ultimate band title?
This is the intercollegiate band event. The bands may use a range of Indian/Western instruments and play songs in any Indian language to compete for the title.

Team composition: 3-10 members
Teams per college: 2
Registration: On the spot
Time limit: 15 min (subject to change)

General Rules
- There will be a single round
- The time limit is 15 minutes, including set up and clearance. Extra time taken beyond the limit will lead to a reduction of points
- The songs should have lyrics in Indian languages
- For original compositions and/or lyrics in languages excluding Hindi and English, the lyrics should be submitted at the time of registration. They will be checked for profanity
- Percussions and vocals are mandatory
- There should be a minimum of three performing members at any point of time
- A minimum of two songs have to be performed
- No Pre-recorded music will be allowed under any circumstances
- The vocalists may choose to hum, whistle, sing Taranaas, Sargamor in Aakar
- Under unforeseen circumstances, the event manager’s decision will be final
Judging Criteria
- Rhythm
- Sur(Melody)
- Pitching
- Choice of Songs
- Overall Performance
- Entertainment value


Srivats Mohan
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Aravind Venugopal
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