General rules:

  • Background tracks are a must for each performance.
  • Any deviation from a fashion related choreography will lead to deduction in score.
  • The backstage crew must not exceed 5 people and the crew members should be declared before the eliminations starts.
  • Use of water, fire or any kind of fireworks (party poppers included) will lead to immediate disqualification.
  • Points will be deducted for any form vulgarity or dance movements in the act


  • This round is impromptu and the focus is on the presentation. The choreography and soundtrack are not relevant in this round.
  • Teams should submit a write up containing information regarding duration, number of participants and props used etc. before the elimination round commences.
  • Teams must also submit their background tracks (Pen drives) before the elimination round begins.
  • The judging criteria for this round is how well you present the theme of the act. A preview of the line-up and basic portrayal of the theme will suffice. In simple terms it is to verify that the theme of the show has been portrayed properly

Final Round

  • Each team has to perform their act on the lines of the theme portrayed in the eliminations.
  • Emphasis will be on clothing, the walk, the use of props and music to enhance the act and its originality.


  • Please notify us if the props require an electrical connection atleast four weeks prior to the event by dropping a mail at
  • Participants are responsible for leaving the performance and backstage are clean after their slot is over. Failure to do so will have severe consequences.