Team composition:2 members
Teams per college: Unlimited
Registration: Online/On the spot
Time limit:
Eliminations: 2 minutes
Finals: 3-5 minutes

Elimination Round: 1. Teams can be formed with the same and opposite gender. Contestants have to perform a part of their prepared sequence in a closed room in front of the judges.
2. The sequence can last for a maximum of 2 minutes.
3. No additional time will be entertained. Therefore, contestants are advised to choose their best 2 minutes.

Final Round 1:
1. Prepared sequence of 3-5 minutes is to be performed in front of the judges and live audience.
2. The sequence performed for the elimination round must be a part of his sequence.
3. The judging criteria include choreography, sync, plot/theme, creativity.
4. Additional props are allowed although they have to be notified beforehand.

Final Round 2:
1. The teams are provided with a prop as an obstacle. For e.g. Blindfold, one hand tied of each of the partners, etc.
2. The obstacles will be provided to each team before the commencement of Final Round 1 (lottery based – chit selection) and then each team will be given additional 15 minutes after the Final round 1 to prepare a performance of about 2-3 minutes on the song of their choice.
3. The teams will be judged on the basis of coordination and innovation.

Final Round 3:
- The cumulative points tally of both the final rounds 1 and 2 will decide the qualification and will proceed for the final face off round.
- Two teams will be called on the stage simultaneously. The first team dances to a song played on the spot while the other will stay.
- At the signal of the judges, the first team will stop and the second one will immediately begin dancing to the continuation of the same song.
- The process will be repeated every time the song is changed. The starting sequence for each song will be performed by team 1and 2 alternately.
- In this way, the song will be changed several times while the participants dance in an alternating manner.
- The winners will be solely decided by the judges based on choreography, chemistry and innovation.

Judging Criteria:
Entertainment value

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