Event rules:

Elimination Round:

  • Teams can be formed with the same and opposite gender. Contestants have to perform a part of their prepared sequence in a closed room in front of the judges.
  • The sequence can last for a maximum of 2 minutes.
  • No additional time will be entertained. Therefore, contestants are advised to choose their best 2 minutes.
  • The elimination is not open to watch and will be held in a closed room.

Final Round 1:

  • Prepared sequence of 3-5 minutes is to be performed in front of the judges and live audience.
  • The sequence performed for the elimination round must be a part of his sequence.

Final Round 2:

  • The teams are provided with a prop as an obstacle. For e.g. Blindfold, one hand tied of each of the partners, etc.
  • The obstacles will be provided to each team a day before the final rounds (lottery based – chit selection) and each team will be given time till the commencement of the final round 1 to prepare a performance of about 2-3 minutes on the song of their choice.

    Judging criteria:

    • Choreography
    • Technique
    • Execution
    • Expression
    • Entertainment value
    • Transitions
    • Timing