Event rules:

  • Round 1:


    • Participants will be grouped into sets of 6, by the judges.
    • Each group shall go through at least one round of regular JAM and one round of special JAM like Alphabet JAM or Disconnect JAM, the rules for which shall be explained in detail on the spot.
    • Points will be awarded based on the duration for which a contestant speaks without slurring or making grammatical errors.
    • The 15 best JAMmers will move on to the next round.
    • It is not necessary that one JAMmer is selected from every set.

      Time- 120 to 150 minutes

  • Round 2:


    • Contestants are allotted a famous personality or celebrity and placed on a hypothetical sinking ship (there is a potential 'Waves' pun in there somewhere).
    • They have to try to convince the judges (who will be acting as the captain of the ship) to give them the sole life jacket on the ship, roleplaying as this person.
    • Points are given for creativity and humour.
    • The judge's decision will be final.


    • Contestants are given specific topics by the judges.
    • The judges will give them commands (in any order and frequency) - 'Block'- Where the contestants defend the topic and 'Tackle' - Where they oppose the topic.
    • Points to be given on transition, humour, creativity, and smoothness of the performance.

      Time - 90 to 120 minutes