General rules:

  • There is no institutional team cap; however, an institution may be asked to register only a specified number of teams if the overall team cap of the tournament is being crossed.
  • The number of pre break rounds will be subject to the number of participating teams.
  • Pre break Rounds will be followed by 16 teams breaking into the next round. The number of breaking teams can be changed at the discretion of the organising committee and core adjudicators.
  • A novice break will occur depending on the number of novice teams in the tournament.
  • The tournament will run throughout the duration of the festival. Hence, the participants are requested to refrain from participating in other Waves events running alongside.
  • For more details and updates on the registration process, visit : regularly.

Event rules:

  • The Debate will follow the British Parliamentary format.
  • Each team will consist of two participants.
  • The debate follows the n-1 rule where every n teams belonging to an institutional contingent must accompanied by n-1 adjudicators.
  • The tournament will run on all three days of the festival.
  • The adjudication test will be held on day 0 of the tournament. The format of the adjudication test will be decided by the adjudication core of the tournament.
  • Institutional cross teams are allowed.
  • Independent adjudicators are welcome to participate. However, one must have attended an educational institution sometime in the past 6 months.
  • Subsidies will be provided to selected adjudicators. This judge subsidy will depend on previous debating and adjudication experience.
  • There is an overall team cap of 52 teams. The first 52 teams to register for the tournament will be given the first preference, while the following teams will be put up in a wait list

Judging criteria:

  • Independent external adjudicators have been invited to judge the event
If you feel that you are an experienced adjudicator, write a mail to us at with your previous tournament experience and other necessary details. If you have a query, write to us at