Want to listen to music in its purest form? Come forth and indulge in the world of classical music. Alaap brings you a classical music event with ragas, gamakas and swaras.

Team composition: 1 Member
Teams per college: 1-15
Registration: Online/ On the spot
Time limit: 8 min

- There will be a single round
- It is a solo vocal competition and will be conducted in 2 categories, Carnatic and Hindustani
- The time limit for the round is 8 minutes, including setup time. 5% of the total score will be deducted for each minute above the time limit.
- No accompaniment will be provided by us but participants can bring their own accompaniment if required.
- The decision of the judges will be final.
Judging Criteria:
- Improvisation
- Authenticity
- Sur
- Taal
- Pakad
- Composition
- Overall Impression/performance
- Swar Sankalp
- Raag Varnan

Srivats Mohan
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Aravind Venugopal
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